about Monique 

A total of 24 years of experience both in the corporate and freelance world has given me a wide range of experience from corporate retail store design at IKEA Internationally to visual merchandising management and store design at the corporate offices of the Body Shop and Mexx in the Netherlands, to freelance work in event, party and trade show stand design, to interior & exterior design. I have found that the knowledge and skills I possess are applicable to any space enabling me to create WOW spaces in ANY place, permanent or temporary.


Having lived all over the world since childhood which took me from the U.S.A. to Iran, to the Netherlands, to Canada, back to Europe then back to the U.S.A. again allows me to draw inspiration and ideas from all over the world. This results in designs which truly include the best the world has to offer. 


Words that best describe me at work:


creative ~ possessing a mind that loves to to take flight 'out of the box' and draw inspiration from wherever it is found. Having moved so much and always being the 'new kid on the block' has taught me to embrace being different and dare to do so in my designs. I love nudging my clients a little out of their comfort zones and opening them up to new ideas. The best part is when clients tell me they never would have thought of that idea themselves or dared to try it, but LOVE that they did and that it is now a part of their space!


resourceful ~ 'where there is a will there is a way' is my life mantra and translates design wise into 'no idea is too crazy or out of reach financially or otherwise'. Once an idea is agreed upon I always find a way to make it happen with the right products at the right price, whatever the budget.


conscientious ~ hardworking, persevering, trusted, dependable, responsible, achieving, organized, possessing integrity