about WOW design


The following principles guide each design:


Visual ~ Logical ~Comfortable ~ when creating personal spaces


Visual ~ Logical ~ Commercial ~ when creating retail spaces


Form should MERGE with Function, an equal blend, neither following the other


Above all, designs should be a reflection of the client's wishes based on the designer's

knowledge and enhanced by the designer's creative abilities.

With all my designs, but especially event design, a lot of care and consideration goes into not

only creating a space that WOW's but also into keeping the event as eco, budget and human

friendly as possible. I call it...

                                                   conscious design


Zero waste is the starting goal of each design and each element is carefully considered

regarding its function at the event and just as importantly, its destination after the event.

Products are chosen that can serve dual functions at the event such as ceramic bird salt

and pepper shakers that serve as décor at the place setting of a wedding dinner and then

become the take home gift.


This way of thinking takes eco friendly beyond using natural materials.  It ensures products

are re~used and do not carelessly end up in the garbage after one use. It also immensely

broadens the possibilities regarding color and design since eco friendly no longer is purely

defined by one type of look, but more by content.

Ideally the products become 'human friendly' as well by either serving as parting gifts for

guests or being donated to a good cause. For example using sheets as table cloths that are

donated after the event to a shelter. Or rolled up baby clothes made into beautiful bouquet

center pieces for a baby shower, then donated to a children's hospital.

It gives me so much pleasure when all three facets come together making for 'wins' all around!