New service ~ Space Lyft!


New Service....Space Lyft!

New service… Space Lyft!


evolution of an idea ( by following a passion )



Event décor design sparked mindfulness regarding re~use and re~purposing.


Researching re~purposing sparked delight, inspiration and imagination.


TED talks by creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson

and IDEO's David Kelley

on creativity sparked a desire to be part of the solution to the CREATIVITY CRISIS and restoring CREATIVE CONFIDENCE.


Coming across David de Rothschild's Plastiki story  raised my own awareness of the immense

plastic pollution problem in our oceans ( 5 gyres ) which sparked a desire to positively contribute here as well.

The brightest spark came from David's idea of seeing plastic waste as a building material.


Which re~sparked a mantra from my IKEA days…. Looking at a problem as an opportunity for new solutions!


But where to start? By making a mountain into a molehill!


Sparking the focus on disposable plastics. The worst polluters due to their sheer numbers  and single use purpose.

( think plastic water bottles, plastic party cups, plates, cutlery, food and beverage take out containers )


SPARKLAB was born true to the definition of creativity by William Plomer  " the power to connect the seemingly unconnected".

Empowering immediate action. An immediately tangible way to become a part of the solution to a problem we all cause.

Geared towards ages 8 and up, the approximate age creativity starts to decline.




SPARKLAB continues to evolve, including the creation of a Facebook page!

Please see for the latest workshops and inspirations.




re~thought, re~purposed, re~used objects

Nothing inspires me more and gives me a smile on my face and pleasure in my heart as when I peruse the globe through the wonder of internet and get a peek at what clever ideas people have come up with the world over.

Re~think, re~purpose, re~use is where my heart lies and I get such a kick out of seeing how people are able to look in new ways at existing things and dream up beautiful AND useful objects to make out of them.

One of the most beautiful and innovative ideas I have come across are lamps made out of plastic bottles salvaged from landfills. These bottles are cleaned up and cut into shapes then put together to create the most amazing lamps. South African artist Heath Nash is the mastermind creator. Learn more at his most informative website and see more of his beautiful designs.

I don't think plastic will ever completely stop being used so the next best thing in my mind is to find ways to keep them from ending up in landfills and oceans. ( more on oceans in the next bit )



conscious design ~ not only eco friendly but budget and people friendly as well!


WOW ( pardon the pun : ) it has been a while since my last entry, a lot has happened on the personal front including another move!

I am lucky enough to call Laguna Beach, CA home now and was fortunate to have had several projects come my way to start me off on a great foot in my new ( and hopefully final : ) destination.

The last post was on eco~conscious decor design but I have come to realize through the appreciative comments of a client here in Laguna that my whole design process is very mindful, '...thoroughly thought through right down to every aspect' ( as she put it ), to be budget, eco and people friendly which is what made me think of the term 'conscious design'.

In this project this was expressed through a LOT of examination of standard solutions to make sure they were also the best conscious solutions.

For example tablecloths. Standard procedure is to rent them but unfortunately this solution is not very budget friendly. To keep costs low but still add the 'WOW' factor that the color in tablecloths give, I usually turn to budget friendly paper or plastic on top of base white linens when provided.

Though paper tablecloths might seem more natural, they use up trees and are not re~useable and on top of that still have a plastic backing so they can't be re~cycled. Plastic seems the less eco~friendly solution, but in fact they can be wiped down and re~used several times.

So which one is really the more eco~conscious solution?

Table cloths are such a base necessity when decorating an event space, but my client and I balked at the idea of the usual solution of spending hundreds of dollars just to rent some white linens to cover the standard ugly fold~out tables.

This is when my 'WOW' moment hit, and the thought occurred to me, why not use twin sheets instead? These could then be given to a homeless shelter after the event so go on to do some good! Which is exactly what we did!

Every project seems to have one aspect that puts a smile on one's face ( which is what I strive for ) and this time this was it : )