Since my experience covers a wide range from corporate retail store design at IKEA Internationally to visual merchandising management and store design at the corporate offices of the Body Shop and Mexx in the Netherlands, to freelance work in event, party, trade show stand design, to interior & exterior design, the services I can offer vary widely. In all cases the same knowledge and skills are used to create WOW spaces in ANY place, permanent or temporary, at any budget. 

 To give you an idea;

 Homes ~ interior design, exterior design ( hardscaping ), home staging

 Businesses ~ office design, retail design, visual merchandising, trade show stand design

 Facilities ~ educational, healthcare, hospitality

 Events ~ galas, receptions, conferences, theme parties



Thanks to the internet it is now possible to give design advice long distance! Basically you take pictures and measurements of the space and send them along with a filled out questionaire to me via e~mail, I design and discuss it with you and in the end you receive a layout plan, inspiration board, product choices and shop directory to enable you to transform your space!